A Picture A Day (June 2015)

I am considering a project that would involve asking various photographers to make a quality photograph a day for a week. To know what I would be asking people, I attempted to do it for a month straight. Starting June 1, I made a picture (almost) everyday for a month. Below is a selection of what came of this endeavor.

1 June - Driving through between towns provided a chance to shoot a very typical landscape in SW Turkey.
2 June - On the windy coast in Bandırma, I realized I had rarely attempting to catch birds in flight (not as easy as I was guessing).
3 June - Hard to take a bad shot of little Lydia, with whose family I was able to briefly visit.
6 June - Leyla took her ballet class very seriously, and did great. She is the one on her toes in the bright pink.
7 June - Experimenting with a newly acquired ring flash, I gave it a shot with some flowers near the house.
9 June - Sitting in a park among trees with my wide angle lens in the bag, this just seems like the right thing to do.
10 June - Joanna and her friends celebrating graduation - Kindergarten style.
11 June - Rainy days provided the opportunity to try to be creative. Ring flash and a rainy window helped this one come to be.
13 June - The ballerinas are ready to perform.
19 June - Growing up in NC (with water to the East), sunset pictures on the beach were unrealistic.
20 June - We like playing at the beach as the sun goes down. No sunscreen and no burns.
21 June - Broke out the tripod, an ND filter, and a 15sec shutter speed to see what I could do with the water.
28 June - By the end of the month, sometimes I ran out of ideas. Hence this picture.

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