A Picture A Day – June 2015

I am considering a project that would involve asking various photographers to make a quality photograph a day for a week. To know what I would be asking people, I attempted to do it for a month straight. Starting June 1, I made a picture (almost) everyday for a month. Below is a selection of what came of this endeavor.

1 June - On the road...
1 June - Same spot, and now some guys on their lunch break noticed me. After a brief inquiry as to my intentions, they invited me to eat lunch with them.
1 June - Driving through between towns provided a chance to shoot a very typical landscape in SW Turkey.
2 June - On the windy coast in Bandırma, I realized I had rarely attempting to catch birds in flight (not as easy as I was guessing).
2 June - It took a lot of tries to get these birds in focus.
2 June - I took several hundred shots.
2 June - But I am only posting these 4.
3 June - Hard to take a bad shot of little Lydia, with whose family I was able to briefly visit.
3 June - More Lydia
3 June - She was getting bored.
3 June - Last one of Lydia.
4 June - On the road back home, I tried to find the same spot as June 1st.
6 June - Leyla took her ballet class very seriously, and did great. She is the one on her toes in the bright pink.
7 June - Experimenting with a newly acquired ring flash, I gave it a shot with some flowers near the house.
7 June - Another flower shot with the ring flash.
8 June - Sitting with a local shop owner, I remotely took this shot into the the mirror. Can you find my camera?
9 June - Sitting in a park among trees with my wide angle lens in the bag, this just seems like the right thing to do.
10 June - Joanna and her friends celebrating graduation - Kindergarten style.
10 June - Joanna and her friends celebrating graduation - Kindergarten style.
10 June - This is a fun progression of shots.
11 June - Rainy days provided the opportunity to try to be creative. Ring flash and a rainy window helped this one come to be.
12 June - Again, stuck inside and the day is almost over. Colorful straws, a bowl of water, and a flash.
13 June - Momma did Leyla's hair for her ballet recital.
13 June - The ballerinas are ready to perform.
13 June - The ballerinas are ready to perform.
14 June - A nice summer evening walk for the family.
14 June - A wedding brigade drives by. It appears that it will be documented well.
15 June - Timothy "reading" a pocket dictionary by the window.
17 June - "Are you pointing that camera at ME?"
17 June - Some wave pools create waves periodically throughout the day. This one waits until 5pm and just does it once so that everyone who desires to participate can cram together and do it at the same time. Ah, community!
18 June - There was a significant amount of glass between us (both contributing to safety and the haziness of the image).
18 June - Timing is everything (even when it is accidental).
19 June - Growing up in NC (with water to the East), sunset pictures on the beach were unrealistic.
19 June - More sunset.
20 June - We like playing at the beach as the sun goes down. No sunscreen and no burns.
21 June - Broke out the tripod, an ND filter, and a 15sec shutter speed to see what I could do with the water.
21 June - Blue-ish green eyes.
22 / 23 June - Nightfall came and I hadn't taken a picture. This was sometime around midnight, so it counted for both days.
24 June - This is the outside of a restaurant that we ate at for my birthday.
25 June - Picnic in the park for Sarah's birthday.
26 June - Found an interesting texture on a wall walking back to the house.
27 June - We had hail. I tried to catch one landing on the rail.
28 June - By the end of the month, sometimes I ran out of ideas. Hence this picture.
30 June - Last day of the month. I saw a cat. Check.